About Esta’s Daughter

 Esta’s Daughter is the name given to this site in memory of my Mother. She passed away at any early age of 42 of a major health issue.

I gave this some thought and, after visiting a site that used the same format title, I made my choice, but for a different reason.  Mine is in the Health Category, not cosmetics.

I chose a subject for it based on my own health issues, and once again, did my research. Constipation,low energy, and migraine headaches, were my problems that i struggled with for many years. I found a food product that has helped me with these health issues.  This one product has pushed me forward to add additional ones in the same genre.  This is Healthy Grains.

Perhaps,you can relate to these health issues, or know someone who is struggling with them. It is my desire and focus to provide content that will be of benefit to all who visit this site.



My name is Viola and I am the owner of Esta’s Daughter.

Not long ago, personal health issues forced my retirement after 17+ years with the federal government as a clerical worker.  I had to make a decision in regard to my eating habits-especially in the area of my intake of sodium, leafy greens, calcium, and other than that.  Starting with the sodium, less is better for not raising my blood pressure to better handle stressful situations in my life.  High blood pressure is a leading cause of death to millions of people and I for one was not ready to leave this life as yet.  So with that in mind I had to take the initiative to forge ahead and rid my home of products high in sodium.